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The pandemic upended pretty much everything in 2020. Big Tech saw record revenue growth, while many retailers filed bankruptcy and oil prices tanked to negative for the first time in history. In terms of market cap, Zoom surpassed major airlines, Airbnb surpassed major hotel chains, Tesla became the most valuable Automaker, and PayPal is only behind JPMorgan Chase among the U.S. banks. SPACs became a household name, and millions of new traders defined the stock market through gamified apps such as Robinhood.

Yet, despite the pandemic, deals were still struck and plenty of controversy bubbled to the surface. …

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Product managers require a diverse set of skills to excel at their role, including design, technical, analytical, communication, and more. Yet there is one skill that I find is often underrated but critical for the success of a product manager. And that is the skill of ‘Influence without authority’.

There’s an old adage that Product Management has all of the responsibility and no official authority. Based on my years of professional career, I find this to be a statement of truth. Product managers have a unique challenge in that they own the product, yet do not manage any of the…

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Product managers sit at the nexus of many very different types of stakeholders, and — like a switchboard — they need to route communications accordingly and keep everyone informed about what’s happening in a language they understand. Stakeholder communication is at the heart of any product manager’s day-to-day life. Mastering this soft skill is one of the most important keys to success. Put it differently, you’ll struggle to lead a team if you can’t communicate effectively.

In the recent Product Management report, communication ranked the most important skill absolutely essential to the role of product management.

Fish jumping from a bowl to another
Fish jumping from a bowl to another
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If you’re reading this article, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and shipped successful product(s) whose metrics are blasting off the roof. You’re now on a luminary path to become a future Product Leader — CPO, VP Product, Head of Product. It’s a big deal, so be sure to take the time to celebrate your accomplishments.

Going forward, building products that customers love is no longer enough. You have to create products that are business successful. And while it may seem that one leads to the other, this is usually not the case. It’s true that having a product that customers love…

Book opens with numeral 7
Book opens with numeral 7

What makes an effective product manager? I’ve been obsessed with this question for long. As a practitioner, I want to master my craft. As a mentor, I want to help you master your craft. But how do we do that without first understanding what makes us effective?

Being a successful Product Manager is not a simple ordeal. Building great products requires a broad skill set. We need to know how to explore a problem space, uncover unmet needs, design feasible solutions, and validate those solutions. We also need to be able to work with engineers, sales, management, and so many…

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Layoffs are hard but to be one breaking the news requires another level of leadership, compassion, and empathy. Brian Chesky just showed the world how to do it the right way.

I have learned about the right way to let people go from Ben Horowitz’s gospel ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ in which he narrated his experience of how recovered the company from ‘consecutive layoffs’ and achieved a billion dollar plus outcome. In retrospective, how should you keep the cultural continuity and retain your best employees despite massive layoffs? …

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What’s the news?

The breaking news recently was Facebook’s $5.7 billion investment for 9.99% stake, followed by Silver Lake investment of around $747M for 1.15% stake, and Vista Equity investment of $1.5B for a 2.32% stake in Reliance Jio Platforms.

I will try to demystify it for you here and explain why it matters? But before we start getting into the weeds, let me tell you why you should listen to me. I worked at Jio when it was not even Jio but Infotel. I was among the early employees and led the product management of hardware devices and cloud…

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